The Company

HANAROL - internal and external protective systems manufacturer. Due to compilation of high quality and nice prices, we enjoy customers satisfaction. HANAROL offer is still growing in order to meet newest trends. Hanarol, since its origin, is oriented to implement new components and products in the protecting systems field. Actually we have many solutions: Roller Blind, Mosquito nets, Vertical Blinds, Bamboo matting, Roman Blinds, Plated Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Basswood & Bamboo, Exterior shutters, Awnings. Everything in the wide palette of colours and patterns, with different blackout levels. Thanks to well planned projects and properly selected materials, our systems are an effective defense against uninvited guests. Moreover, they perfectly isolate heat, allows to highly reduce heating costs in winter, while in summer, when sun is shining and temperature is high outside, systems provide comfortable chill and twilight, giving rest to tired eyes. We use control: manual, electric drives, radio contoled actuators, which allows to group the drives, while provides ease and comfort of use. Wide range of blinds colors will enlive facade of the building, making it more attractive. In functioning of our company, we focus on satisfaction of our clients, by providing them professional services, short realisation terms and affordable prices.